Dr. Kais Dukes

Kais Dukes

Dr. Kais Dukes

Institute for Artificial Intelligence
School of Computing, University of Leeds
United Kingdom

Web: www.kaisdukes.com
E-mail: kais@kaisdukes.com



PhD Computer Science, University of Leeds (2013)

Quranic Arabic natural language processing with machine learning and statistical parsing.

Master in Mathematics, Imperial College London (2001)

Numerical computation, theoretical physics, quantum mechanics and general relativity. Ranked 9th best university worldwide.


Over the past 13 years, my industry experience in software engineering has included project manager, team lead, senior developer and software architect. I have successfully delivered high-profile projects (with multi-million dollar budgets) at investment banks and financial institutions. I have worked at:



Organizer of the shared task on Supervised Semantic Parsing of Robotic Spatial Commands.


PhD Thesis Research Excellence Award (2014)

The Examination Board at the University of Leeds has recognized the PhD Thesis Statistical Parsing by Machine Learning from a Classical Arabic Treebank as an 'outstanding achievement in research excellence':

Winner of the Banking Technology Awards (2012)

I participated in design and architecture and had a lead role in the team that developed HyperCube, a novel system for real-time financial data virtualization. I shared the Banking Technology Prize for Asset Management for this work, a prestigious award within the global financial industry.

Postgraduate Researcher of the Year (2011)

For the wide and global impact of my PhD research, I was awarded Postgraduate Researcher of the Year by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Leeds.


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